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Creditable compensation refers to all salary and wages paid to an employee as a result of services performed for the employer or for time during which the member is on paid leave, which are includable on the member’s federal form W-2 wage and tax statement under the heading wages, tips, and other compensation.

Random words and names spoken in an effort to promote a sense of intelligence and creditability in the speaker. quoting an over abundance of names and references that are unverifiable in an effort to make you/your theory more creditable.

To gather information and data, Civicus took three approaches: secondary data.

of the New York Times, using a much more conservative definition of false statements. it is very difficult to change perceptions through credible.

(c) The period of any such preexisting condition exclusion is reduced by the aggregate of the periods of creditable coverage, as defined in subsection (5), applicable to the participant or beneficiary as of the enrollment date. (3) Genetic information may not be treated as a condition described in paragraph (2)(a) in the.

Definition of credible in the Legal Dictionary – by Free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. What is credible? Meaning of credible as a legal term. What does.

NEW DELHI: India on Saturday rejected the US suggestion that it define its credible minimum nuclear deterrent, asserting that it has "no responsibility" to "declare" it. In an interview to a TV channel, a day after US Assistant.

One thing is for certain, though, about me, and the world has learned this: When I say something, I mean it. And the credibility of the United States is incredibly important for keeping world peace and freedom. That’s the summation.

Leave Accrual. Annual Leave Accrual. Federal employees accrue leave, which is accumulated through years of service. For non-retired members, full credit for uniformed service (including active duty and active duty for training) performed under honorable conditions is given for annual leave accrual purposes. Most military.

Define wicked: morally very bad : evil; fierce, vicious; disposed to or marked by mischief : roguish — wicked in a sentence

Meritorious definition, deserving praise, reward, esteem, etc.; praiseworthy: to receive a gift for meritorious service. See more.


Accredited definition, officially recognized as meeting the essential requirements, as of academic excellence: accredited schools. See more.

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There’s a consequence to declaring victory no matter what: it becomes impossible to define success. One example is the Apple. by third-party customer satisfaction surveys? Are those credible ways to measure people’s happiness with.

The ESM should be provided with the financial instruments needed to fulfil its tasks and should have the capacity for swift and credible decision-making procedures.

creditable • And credits can even make the public finances look more creditable. • It was all very sensible and creditable. • This was a highly creditable defeat.

We don’t need to define it to fight the battle. On the other hand, I was talking to someone from the Credibility Coalition the other day and they were telling me that they believe voice is actually a credibility indicator: voice over text may be.

Nov 28, 2014. NOTE: A letter of Creditable Coverage (for the purposes of Medicare Part D) is not proof of GHP coverage for SEP or premium surcharge rollback purposes. When it is common knowledge (or the FO has established a precedent) that the GHP meets the definition of LGHP, prepare a Form SSA-5002 to.

Define evil: morally reprehensible : sinful, wicked; arising from actual or imputed bad character or conduct; inferior — evil in a sentence

And it sounds credible when you have figures like Stephen Roach suggesting.

This chapter describes Transit Oriented Development (TOD), which refers to residential and commercial districts located around a transit station or corridor with high quality service, with good walkability, parking management and other design features that facilitate transit use and maximize overall accessibility.

Bonus Question: Please discuss the Bush Administration’s assaults on the UN weapons inspectors in the context of the Trump Administration’s assaults on the credibility of the. presidential campaign. Please define the salience to the.

In general, a member becomes vested for retirement benefits upon the earlier of: (1) completion of 10 years of NHRS creditable service, or (2) on and after attainment of the NHRS normal retirement age while in service, regardless of years of creditable service. What is a member's NHRS normal retirement age? Group I. 1.

Ed Miliband has entered a ‘critical’ phase to prove his leadership potential and has only 12 months to transform himself into a credible Prime Ministerial. It added: ‘Swing voters are telling us Ed needs to define himself as a leader and fast.’

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May 1, 2006. A payment to a foreign country is not a tax if the payor receives, or will receive, a specific economic benefit in exchange for the payment. Soak-up taxes are not creditable. A soak-up tax means that the U.S. taxpayer is liable for the tax only to the extent that the tax is creditable. (05-01-2006).

"You’ve got to define the sweet spot. "The challenge for Republicans is. But at the time, the opening ante for a credible campaign was about $400,000 – a.

Mike Dennison and Chuck Johnson, two of Montana’s iconic and most credible journalists, are departing the Lee newspaper chain. I think that the Lee Newspapers should be printing tributes to these men instead of cloaking their.

But what are the characteristics of a credible election? Although there is no standard definition of a credible election, there are some aspects of a credible election. The first and foremost feature of a credible election is that it must.

Creditable service for FERS and CSRS federal employee’s retirement.

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Purpose and Scope. This section contains the policies, instructions, and standards used to help determine the qualifications of applicants for Federal employment.

Starting in 2009, the level of healthcare coverage that meets minimum creditable coverage standards increases. (see “MMC” definition below). • Massachusetts Residents Working in Rhode Island – As a resident of Massachusetts, these employees are subject to Massachusetts law—they must carry health insurance. If.

After the 1970 elections, which paved the way for the break-up of the country, the.

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Being a ‘credible activist’ is the most critical skill for HR professionals and brings the most value to their employer, according to a study of more than 400.

a brief statement of religious belief; confession of faith; a specific statement of this kind, accepted by a church; any set of beliefs or principles · the Apostles’ Creed

The first is expanding definition of abuse and threshold evidence. Along with the policy change, a list of 34 priests and 17 lay people who have faced credible.

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(offset) for each non-attainment air contaminant emitted in significant quantities as defined by Rule 119(e). However, a source may. An existing emission unit is defined as a unit that is not a new emission unit. increases and decreases in actual emissions at the entire facility and determining if they are creditable. These.

Creditable coverage refers to a health insurance coverage that a beneficiary had before enrolling to the current health plan and it generally includes a period of coverage not interrupted by a period of 63 or more days.

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This section contains regulatory guidance for hiring job applicants under the competitive examining and hiring process. Category Rating – A category-based rating method that is an alternative way to assess job applicants for positions filled competitively.

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Officers would be required to provide “credible evidence” sworn under oath. and the bill’s loose definition of “imminent danger.” Individuals with criminal.

Sep 29, 2016. Group health plan sponsors that provide prescription drug coverage to Medicare Part D eligible individuals must disclose whether their plan is creditable. Creditable refers to whether the actuarial value of the prescription drug coverage equals or exceeds that of the standard Part D coverage. Plan sponsors.

creditable translate: 值得称赞的;可信的;可敬的. Learn more in the Cambridge English-Chinese simplified Dictionary.